Restructuring an owner managed business is often prudent to protect key assets, effect cost savings and drive efficiencies within the core operations.

Furthermore, an owner manager’s desire to retain and incentivise its staff or to solidify a company’s legacy upon sale many necessitate the careful consideration of tax-efficient schemes such as an Enterprise Management Incentive Scheme or a sale to an Employee Ownership Trust (“EOT”).

Cottons Corporate Finance is here to help you

From advising on the removal of a dissenting shareholder through to corporate mergers to increase business value, we have a wealth of experience in restructuring corporates within the SMEs sector.

We recognise that a dynamic and motivated team are the drivers of your success. Consequently, we are well placed to advise you on incentivising your management team with tax-efficient share options; or achieving enhanced employee satisfaction and retention with a tax-efficient sale of your business to an Employee Ownership Trust.

Let’s talk why, let’s talk how, let’s protect assets and optimise value.