For an owner managed business, a flexible approach and the ability to react quickly to changes in its environment will be a key factor in its success. Anticipating and planning for changes in the market is an important iterative process that underpins this.

Accurately quantifying and assessing opportunities and risks within a dynamic market will ensure that an owner managed business is laying strong foundations for its future.

Additionally, key business changes or one-off events will drive the need for the development of targeted business plans and financial forecasts.

Cottons Corporate Finance is here to help you

With our expert market insight, we will assist you in managing risk and enhancing business value at every step.

With our vast business planning experience, we will expertly translate your vision into a clear and concise strategic plan.

Our expertise includes:

  • Reviewing market opportunities and risks and help you to formulate your initial strategy.
  • Producing a robust business plan in line with your vision.
  • Undertaking performance reviews to improve the efficiency, attractiveness and profitability of your business.
  • Determining the optimal strategy for growth (organic versus acquisitions).
  • Financial modelling and forecasting to facilitate raising finance.
  • Succession and exit planning.

At each stage of the lifecycle, we have a wealth of expertise to draw upon, enabling us to identify key value drivers within your business.

It’s important to plan for your next step. So let’s grab a coffee, let’s chat, let’s plan.