A detailed and extensive due diligence process can be essential in ensuring a potential business acquisition is successful. It may also highlight issues that could affect the proposed structure of the deal or your decision to continue with the transaction altogether.

In conjunction with the legal process, the purpose of due diligence is to protect you against the potential issues that can arise during the acquisition process before the transaction is concluded. Allowing you to make key decisions with confidence.

Cottons Corporate Finance is here to help you

Our substantial investigative procedures aim to reveal areas that can be of critical importance to you in your decision to purchase a business.

These include identifying any legal and tax risks related to the transaction, challenging forecast assumptions, reviewing financial and other information that is used to determine an offer price and assessing other performance aspects of a potential target.

Equally important to an owner-managed business, is our role in managing due diligence on your behalf during a business disposal process. You engage us to identify potential issues, come up with effective solutions and rigorously protect your preferred offer for the business.

It’s important to fully investigate. So let’s challenge, let’s make decisions with confidence.