During these challenging times, businesses may experience a notable slow-down in their natural growth and development. An acquisition strategy can present an attractive opportunity to achieve a step change in the scale and development of a business, at significantly faster rates than seen with organic growth.

Whilst a slow-down may be the story for some, others may be trading strongly and generating significant cash reserves. With funds readily available for their next strategic move, a cash buyer is ideally placed to capitalise on a buy and build strategy.

Cottons Corporate Finance is here to help you

A key determinant of a successful acquisition strategy is clearly defining what your desired outcome looks like. Whether this is to achieve horizontal or vertical integration, gain entry into new geographical territories or expand into new products; we will work with you to carefully define your acquisition criteria and to formulate a strategy to achieve your vision.

Should additional funding be required, we can identify and secure the right funding for you.

We offer a full range of services that will assist you throughout the entire process, and will ensure that the acquisition is completed in a highly controlled, efficient and confidential manner.

These include assistance with:

  • Formulating an acquisition strategy and identifying suitable targets.
  • Assessing the strategic fit of targets, the market opportunities and potential synergies.
  • Approaches to targets, determining business valuation and leading negotiations on your behalf.
  • Deal structure – advice and recommendations.
  • Due diligence, business plans and financial forecasts.
  • Raising finance to fund the acquisition and ongoing trade.
  • Taxation advice.
  • Co-ordinated assistance with your legal team and other professional advisors.

Additionally, we can support you with post-transaction integration as well as cost and efficiency reviews to ensure the longer term benefits of an acquisition are achieved.

It’s important to define your vision. So let’s grab a cuppa, let’s talk market opportunity, let’s plan your next move.